The Beyond Good Intentions film series was Tori’s first deep dive into exploring what really works in international aid. The 10-part series was shot in eight different countries during her year-long trip around the world in 2006-2007, and was later released in 2009. Since their release, the short films have helped spark a meaningful dialogue about aid effectiveness worldwide and have been viewed in over 165 countries.

During her journey Tori traveled through Colombia, Argentina, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa and met with over sixty aid organizations and hundreds of aid workers and recipients. The result is the first film series of its kind that openly questions what does and doesn’t work in international aid. Topics in the ten films range from examining the roles of international aid workers and volunteers to exploring the effectiveness of various approaches such as micro-lending and social entrepreneurship.

To avoid confusion between the original film series and the new book (which both go by the same name, but chronicle separate trips), Tori has decided to keep the original Beyond Good Intentions website in tact, but separate, so that visitors can continue to explore the film project. The site is now available at

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Episode 1: International Aid Workers

Episode 2: Volunteering Abroad

Episode 3: Disaster Relief

Episode 4: Higher Standards

Episode 5: Research in Development

Episode 6: The Peace Corps

Episode 7: For-Profit Approaches

Episode 8: Faith-based Aid

Episode 9: Micro-lending

Episode 10: Social Entrepreneurship